Perfect for long trips on the sea, the Medline is a true private oasisthanksto itssurface, which can be transformed into a sunbathing area. Created for long day trips, the Medline range is part of the new generation of Zodiac boats: rigid-hulled inflatable openly oriented towardsleisure. The arrangement allowsto transform the deck into a vastsun lounger, to create a “private oasis” area.


The deck plans allow exceptional adjustability. The movements onboard are fluid, the sun loungers are spacious and easy set up for, and the rear area issafe and comfortable. Sun-bathing, lunch orswimming. The unique comfort of the seats, the various equipment, the low maintenance upkeep of the buoyancy tubes… Every detail isthe result of the experience of Zodiac Nautic and its perfect knowledge of the sea.


Extended to 5 boats, the Medline range has been rethought with absolute priority: ease of use, at anchor or atsea. The dimensions and the weight of each boat has been optimized to obtain a perfect weight / power ratio in order to have moderate engine power and simplify the maneuversfor launching and storage.

  • 6.60 m Length
  • 200 L Fuel Tank
  • 14 Persons max.
  • 200 HP Max Power